Driveline Paving - steps, patios, fencing installations


Garden steps (and walls) play an important role in the design of a landscape. Just like plants and flowers they can be the connective glue to pull everything together. They need to be properly designed, safe and comfortable to use, lit up at night and not a safety hazard.

Garden Steps

Garden steps (and Paths) are more than a mere outdoor accessory. It's a way to redefine your entire garden, to make it a far more appealing place to spend your spare time.

If your garden is little more than a patch of grass at the moment, it's high time you did something with this blank canvas - a garden is whatever you make of it, and garden steps & Paths could be all you need to make it look good!

Picket Fencing

Picket fence panels can be dispatched with pointy or round top pales. A large number of sizes are available for all specifications. Making use of timber posts to support the picket panels you end up with a decorative solution for driveway edging, front gardens with kerb appeal and an ideal solution for sectioning off part of your garden, particularly for gardens at the front of the building or home.

Fencing Benefits

If you are looking to make improvements to the exterior of your home then one of the most beneficial solutions is to ensure that a clearly defined boundary is present. This will ensure that unwanted visitors are kept away and will also have the added benefit of creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Garden fencing will play a large part in the overall look of your garden and as such we take careful consideration when selecting the most appropriate material and design for your garden project.


Garden walls are needed for many reasons: to define boundaries, to provide retainment and to divide areas within the garden. The walls can be constructed from several types of material, such as, brick, stone, concrete block and render, wooden sleepers – recycled railway, oak or softwood.

New or recycled brick and stone work is our speciality and we can fulfil any design, shape or finish


We supply and erect all types of garden and domestic fencing. Matching gates for all our domestic fences are available.

All of our wooden fences are built from quality, pressure treated timber. We supply palisade, closeboard, trellis, post and rail type fencing.

With over 20 years experience our team are the right choice for all of your domestic or commercial fencing, gates, landscaping or decking requirements, providing you or your business with top quality materials and workmanship that will enhance any location.

Colours & Styles of Fencing

There are various types, sizes and colours of fencing.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.