Driveline Paving - Paths and Patios installed

Patios & Paths


We can produce paved patios using a variety of materials and styles, from herringbone block paving, tumbled edge paving, granite sets, Indian sandstone and many more.

Patios - Our Process

  • The area to be paved will be dug to a suitable depth, foundations laid and any new scrapings fully compacted.

  • The entire area will be levelled to provide the correct drainage with surface water channels installed or soakaways if required.

  • Edge restraints are set firmly in concrete and any voids are filled with sharp sand.

  • Blocks will be laid hand tight to customer's design specifications before the area is compacted with the plate vibrator.

  • Jointing sand will be utilised and forced into any unfilled joints to create a superior finish.

Garden Paths

Extending your indoor living space into your garden, and bringing the “inside out”, is a stunning way of achieving this – and creating a beautiful, tranquil outside space. Choosing outdoor paving that reflects the style and colour of the room leading out onto the garden can also help create the illusion of a wide, open living area which will look both beautiful and inviting.

Garden Paving Materials

  • Block Paving

  • Concrete Flagstones

  • Cobbled Stone

  • Pattern Imprint Concrete